Saturday 24 November 2012

A cave like no other

                    Inside a limestone cave...
                    Halong Bay, Vietnam

Gliding along  Halong Bay - a UNESCO world heritage site - amidst the 1969 islands dotting it, is a bit of a surreal experience. (see gallery 'Gliding along Halong Bay' on or click here). Equally breath taking are the limestone caves on the islands...the photograph above is inside the Sung Sot cave - the largest in the bay.

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Wednesday 14 November 2012

Rest & Recuperation

Boat traders in Egypt sell their traditional wares, by cruising along with the cruise ships going up and down the Nile. After the hectic hollering in the morning, the boat traders go silent by noon…the boats become vessels of prayer and relaxation. The rest and recuperation sees them back to full throated action – this is the moment of the calm before the next storm, somewhere between Luxor and Aswan. 

(For more photographs of Egypt, visit the section 'Blues along the Nile...and history at every corner' on or click here)

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